Important dates


The deadline for abstract submissions will be May 31 June 16, 2019. The management of the abstracts and complete works will be done through the journal  Hormigón y Acero. For the sending of the abstract you should go to «Call for papers«


Deadline for submission of full-length papers will be November 29, 2019. Specific formatting rules will soon be available for download from the Conference website. Before January 31, 2020 paper acceptances, rejections and modifications as required by the Scientific Committee will be notified, together with formatting instructions for Conference presentations. Authors will be notified of definitive acceptance before February 28,2020. Both abstracts and full papers can be written in English or Spanish.


The scientific journal Hormigón y Acero will publish a special issue containing the accepted abstracts. For the abstract to be published, at least one of the authors has to be registered for the Conference before April 30, 2020. Additionally, the Scientific Committee will select the best communications shown during the Conference to be published as an article in regular issues of the Hormigón y Acero journal. These articles will also be available in open format through