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The Spanish Association for Structural Engineering (ACHE) is a non-profit, public interest organization. Its declared goals are to promote progress in the field of structures for civil engineering and building, and to channel the presence of Spanish actors in similar international associations. To that end, ACHE involves in research, teaching, science out reach, lifelong learning and pre-standardization. ACHE publishes technical monographs, edits the journal Hormigón y Acero three times a year and manages a website with vast technical contents. The International Conference on Structures (held every three years) and various technical conferences stand out as the main events organized by the Association. ACHE has hundreds of members, among which engineers, architects, chemists and other related professionals, who generously participate in technical commissions and over 25 active task groups developing scientific documents on relevant aspects of structural engineering, which are then distributed to all of our associates.

Due to COVID-19, the Congress has been postponed to 2021. We will inform about the new dates as soon as they have been defined.

The VIII International Conference of the Spanish Association for Structural Engineering (ACHE) will take place on 2021. It is an excellent international meeting for professionals and specialists from the field of structural engineering, with a high technical level as proven by the result of previous editions. The main goal of this International Conference on Structures is two fold. First, to report on progress, studies and realizations recently achieved in the field of building and engineering structures, both civil and industrial. Second, to present the activities of our Association to our members, friends and the general public, to whom ACHE devotes its service through non-profit distribution of technical information.


The current situation is marked by internationalization and competitiveness. In this context, there is a vital need for technological innovation and the exchange of experiences and viewpoints between professionals and researchers in the fields of building and civil engineering; this is what the Conference intends to enable through different panels and debates that will run parallel to presentations.

To promote once again the participation of junior engineers and architects, ACHE will reduce their inscription fees. Students, for whom the Conference means a fantastic formative activity, will also enjoy discounts and the opportunity to take part in the structural contest which will be announced at a later moment; the prize ceremony will be part of the event.

The venue chosen for this edition is Santander, a city open to the sea that has become nowadays as one of Europe’s most prominent smart cities. Together with its traditional hospitality and its numerous cultural activities, this makes the capital of the Cantabria region, in the north of Spain, a privileged meeting spot.

The VIII ACHE Congress is postponed:

Given the recent outbreak of the COVID-19 and the uncertainty that this situation creates, not only present but in the short and medium term, the Events Committee and the Executive Committee have made the difficult decision to postpone the celebration of the VIII ACHE Congress at 2021 that allow its celebration.

We will inform about the new dates as soon as they have been defined. We are confident that by that time the outbreak has passed and activity has normalized. We trust that you will understand and share this difficult decision, which seeks to ensure that our Congress is not affected by current circumstances beyond its date. For any questions you can contact the secretariat by email at or at