Call for papers

The management of the abstracts and the full papers will be carried out through the  journal «Hormigón y Acero».

  • The following template must be followed for the writing of the abstract: ES / EN


  1. Go to the web:
  2. If you are not registered, create a new profile.
  3. New submission.
  4. Section: «Ponencia Congreso Santander 2020».
  5. For upload the file select the option «other» in drop-down menu and upload it in PDF format using the template (The following template must be followed for the writing of the abstract: ES / EN) in Spanish or in English. Continue keeping «Review details» section blank.

6.  Title: Insert paper title (150 characters maximum) in Spanish or in English. Subtitle: keep blank. Abstract: Insert  paper abstract (300 words maximum) in Spanish or in English.

7.  Indicate authorship and affiliation. In «keywords» section  add one of the topics of the congress (only one of the topics).

You will receive an email from the journal «Hormigón y Acero» confirming the reception of your abstract.

CONGRESS TOPICS:  Add in keywords one (only one) of the following topics:

  • Materials (cement-based, metallic, textile, wood, glass, ceramics, polymers, advanced alloys…)
  • Design and calculation of all kinds of structures
  • Structure technology
  • Architectural structures and envelopes
  • Construction engineering
  • Structural Health Monitoring
  • Repair and retrofit of structures
  • Widening of structures
  • Management of structural systems
  • Art, aesthetics and structures
  • History of structures and structural engineering
  • Engineering and Society
  • Education on Structural Engineering
  • Sustainability and life cycle of structures
  • Innovation and technology transfer between industry and research centers